Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My husband is the cutest!

So we did get confirmation that mom is still living at the shelter but she has yet to return anyones call. I cannot imagine what she is going through so I am trying not to question why but it has been quite a struggle for me the past few days. I am hoping she will call and let us know how she is feeling. We have an appointment with our attorney next Monday and are hoping Mom will agree to come to it as well. My fear is that she will not be able to sign and just wants to kind of forget it all.... and this would become an abandonment case then and we could lose the children into the system. I would be sick. I did not expect to feel like this so quickly but they are my family. I feel like their mom. I love them and can't really remember life without their little faces. They are such a great blessing to our family.

I never thought I would say this either but I am so thankful Trevor has been on a temporary layoff for the month. It has given us priceless time together as a family and for him to bond with the kiddos. It has been amazing. I had a meeting tonight for my mission trip to Kenya that is happening in October. He gave the kids dinner, baths, read with them and then acted out the story of David and Goliath for them. How cute is that?! It sounds like it was quite an award winning performance too! Very dramatic. My mother once told me that the most important choice you will make in your life is the father you choose for your children and that advice changed my life. I chose the best and I am so grateful God brought us together to grow this big ole family!

So a bit of fun today was my good friend showed up with a huge tub full of animal crackers and another one of pretzels that she got from Sams Club just because she thought we could use them. The kids acted like they hadn't eaten in weeks and practically tore them from her hands! I really do have the best support system in my friends, family and church home that anyone can possibly ask for. You are all loved and your prayers are felt.

L is doing much better getting to sleep. I cut out his nap and it has helped tremendously. Poor kid just wasn't tired and this new momma was clueless. He has done great and his behavior is really changing! Lots of smiles and this great giggle that shakes his entire little body!

The most exciting part of my day is that Trevor just told me I can sleep in tomorrow morning!!! This man rocks!

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