Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jehovah provider

Starting switching the kids rooms around today and got most of it done. They all were excited about their new space. We need to paint still but will hopefully get to that next week before Trevor heads out to Jamaica.

Got a call from the social worker and she is coming for another visit tomorrow. She hasn't talked to mom yet but hopefully by the time she comes tomorrow she will have. I was a bit anxious when she said she was coming because the last time she was here it seemed to trigger a lot of sadness for the kids. When I told them she was coming to visit all of us again, L held on to my neck and said he did not want to go with her. Broke my heart. Maybe that is why he wasn't too friendly to her last time. I reassured him that she would not be taking them anywhere and they will stay here with me and Daddy and the kids. P says she didn't want to go see 'other mommy.' After lots of reassurring, hopefully tomorrow will be okay for them. The social worker is awesome and I really do like her.

L calls me Mommy now all the time and most of the time calls Trevor, Daddy. He is really warming up and his smile is appearing more often than not! P gets easily tired and is not one of those kids that can skip a nap...I'll have to remember that from now on:) L's bite is still not looking that great so praying for that to heal properly. Some friends gave me great suggestions on the food issues so we are trying them out. So glad to have Trevor around and all of his help. The kids are loving it! All 5 finally have a bike that is their size now and my deck has turned into the Velodrome! It is hilarious. I am just in awe of how God continues to work in this. Grace has amazed me. She's just been a huge help and not complained about it once. She adores these two and is great with them. Noah continues to be so patient and kind with them. He has discovered it doesn't take much to get them going though and is tempted to pick just to get a reaction. He makes L laugh so hard and is very gentle with P. Ava is really doing great the last few days with them. Turning 4 helped with the whole big sister thing. She is still overreacting when something minor happens but we're all working on that around here:) If I had a dollar for everytime I have said, "use your words, please'' in the past week and a half, there would be no world hunger;)

"Use your words, please." ''We don't do that in our family" ''Are you mad or sad?'' "It's mommy/daddy's job to keep you safe and help you make good choices'' the list goes on.......but I feel like progress is being made and although I know we have a long way to go, we have also come a long way in a very short week and a half.

One of the best lessons in this has been for our children to see first hand how God uses people to bless others. We have only cooked twice because friends or familiy have shown up with food. Clothes for the kids have been dropped off. Friends have showed up to help love on the children and bring a snack. We have even been offered help with Wally and the kids fear of him and today in the mail was a card that just said that when you listen to what God is asking, He gives you what you need to get through....with a gift card to Wal-mart. I could write a book on the proof of God providing for me since I was a small child. We have always taught our children the value of service to others and it is such a blessing for them to see it from the other side of our faith family being of service to us. How cool is God? It will be so fun to take the new two to the Homebuild this week and start teaching them about service to others and about being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is the greatest feeling to know you are in the center of God's will for your life. As scary as it can be, as out of the box as it may appear, I promise you it is worth it. He will provide and you will be immeasurably blessed. Step out on faith.

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