Thursday, June 4, 2009

Honeymoon Phase

A couple of thoughts from the first 24 hours: If my parents weren't here for dinner, no one would have eaten and there would still be couscous covering the floor! I have the greatest examples of what love looks lke in Jesus and my parents. They instantly treated them like their grandchildren and acted silly and hugged and kissed and played.....and even said no once:) I am blessed abundantly.

Our children are amazing. I could just see Jesus working through them all. Grace was so great with them and loving. Ava excited and digging her new role as 'big sister' and Noah soaking it all in and so thankful with his shy grin. My husband is the best man I know. It is one thing to love your own children but another to take someone else's in and say I love these children of God and I will be their daddy and I will guide them, discipline them, laugh with them and teach them how to do life. I am so in love with him at this moment. He was wonderful with them and he took my breath away.

P is hilarious. A ball of energy and obstinance. She likes to do it 'by herself' and loves exercising that little independent two year old spirit. She loves to act silly and her smile is unbelievable. She is affectionate and smart and very friendly. She is also deathly afraid of dogs and can climb quickly to the top of your head. She is testing her boundaries as she should be doing at the age of 2 and still has the baby chunk on her sweet little legs:)

L is a thinker. He is a bit shy at first and handsome. His eyes look sad sometimes and I wonder what must be going on in that three year old mind. He shared with me last night in bed that he was sad and I said I felt a little sad too and it was okay to miss Mommy and Miss K (previous safe family mom) and that I was so sorry he was sad but I was so thankful he was here and we all loved him so much. He smiled pretty big at that and was able to rest well. His defense it to shut down and act tough but he is a smart, sweet boy that is really opening up. He hasn't called us anything yet but he whispered to me this morning that he loves me. He is affectionate and loves to follow Trevor around:) He is also afraid of Wally but today he pet him and that is huge!They slept through the night and took naps today. Lots of reminders to use our words and talk nice but that was Grace, Noah and Ava:)

I know this is the honeymoon phase and it will get worse before it gets better but I am enjoying this while I can. It just feels right and when I look at those five sweet faces looking back at me, it isn't overwhelming for some crazy reason. It feels peaceful and like God is standing with his hand on my shoulder. I am so thankful to all who have called or sent messages, prayed for us or offered a meal. I feel so loved by our circle of friends and family and most of all am so excited for these two precious children to walk into an atmosphere with all this support and encouragemnt around them. I will keep you all posted as to where this will lead but it looks like they will be a forever part of our family. We should know more in a week or so. I just keep reminding myself that our call is to love them....whether that is two weeks, two months or forever.

We cannot take the pain they will feel away but we can offer them a place of love and encouragement where they can heal. We can offer support and guidance to reach their God-given potential. We can offer them a loud, rambunctious crazy crew that loves to laugh together and have fun. Best of all, we can offer them Jesus.....a Heavenly Father that will never leave them. I am in awe of them. How much our family needed them. We are the lucky ones, the blessed ones. Tonight is an awards program night and I'll have the youngest 3 by myself so that should be a treat. Packing lots of snacks to make it through:) and a thoughtful friend is bringing dinner which explains my time to write this note:) There is no one like our God!

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