Monday, June 8, 2009

God is in the details...even the ones that seem to be an inconvenience

So this morning started out a little rocky. L would not smile and kept saying his arm hurt. His little wrist was very swollen. It had a tiny dot on it but was swollen all the way around his arm. He was definitely favoring it so I was thinking he may have broken it slipping and sliding yesterday. I was a bit anxious, to say the least, about what Mom would think and was sure this was the end of our big family.

So Trevor dropped L and I off at the ER while he took the rest on to swim lessons. L was so scared in the Emergency room. He cried everytime someone even walked into the room. I finally got him calmed down and to trust that if something was going to hurt, I would tell him and that I would be with him the entire time. He was able to get it together and did so good. He didn't cry during his x-ray and just amazed me. Everyone in the ER was great and it ended up being some kind of bite or sting...he is on an antibiotic and benedryl and we are just supposed to keep an eye on it. Shwwwwuuu, that was close. Safe Families was even relieved to hear that it was just a bite:) Swim lessons are over at 10:45 and it was 10:30 so L and walked to Walgreens picked up his medicine and a very cool new boat for the bathtub for being such a big boy and Trevor picked us up on the way home. Perfect timing.

Here is the coolest part:
Our nurse was asking me how long we've had him and if he had siblings or I had children and when I told her this would make 5 she gave me the 'you are crazy' look. I'm getting used to it:)
Anyway, I just said, this is God's doing and I am just trying to stay open to it. With that she smiled and said she is raising her nephew and she herself is adopted. She shared with me things she wished she knew or didn't like when she was growing up and gave me the names of some books to get and a lady to call. She was great. Then I said, "See, God has been in every detail of this, even you being our nurse today." and she responded with, "I am not even supposed to be working. Today is my day off and I am only covering two hours while someone is at an appointment." God is amazing. In every little detail. From these kids future to the bug bite on an arm..........He is reminding me all the way, I am with you.

P had a hard day today. Lots of crying and not able to say why. I think she is just overtired and still a bit overwhelmed from our day yesterday. Adults meeting my family for the first time have been known to sit and cry afterwards and be a bit overstimulated. LOL I think her tummy is hurting her. There is definitely a food issue going on with both of them. I don't think they realize when they are full or are afraid that it might be a while til the next meal so they just eat and eat and eat. I am trying to figure out the best way to handle that so anyone with experience with that, let me know. I am thinking that there was probably not a real set time for meals and they are just eating it while they can. She was much better after nap though and was able to have a good evening.

We rode bikes, and took a walk, took a nap that I so needed, read books and got baths. Now the bedtime routine begins. Trevor was home today to help with it all or it would have gotten quite interesting, I'm sure. Noah is still trying to learn to ride his bike and is getting frustrated. Ava did awesome being 4 and all:) Grace is my helper and the sweetest girl. I am in awe of how good this is going so far. There have for sure been some meltdowns and a few more tears than normal and Mom and Dad are the most popular we've ever been but I think it is going the best it could be.

Safe Families has a call in to Mom but her cell isn't working so they left a message at the shelter. Sometimes it takes a day or two to get a call back. I am going to tackle this house tomorrow and clean away my anxiety over it!

Thank you God for bug bites.

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