Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

This weekend was packed full of fun. We started out Saturday with the Habitat for Humanity homebuild and it was awesome. It was a real blessing to have the homeowners work on our team. How great to show the kids this is the family who will live in this house!! I think I got to pound two nails and spent the rest of the time chasing children and catching hammers before they hit anyones head or hands:) Trevor led our team so I was on my own at lunch. It proved a bit tricky getting through line with five children and trying to load up plates and hold them all.....until my village showed up. There is a saying that says it takes a village to raise a child and out of nowhere came my village. A friend grabbed P and another friend grabbed two plates and cleared a place at a table, drinks appeared out of nowhere and the spilled koolaid was wiped up before I could even get out of my chair. It makes my heart feel so full to see God loving on us through so many people. If you haven't ever participated in a Habitat for Humanity project, I encourage you to do so. It is awesome to hear hundreds of hammers pounding and to see the people of all ages working together. God is good.

We headed to a birthday party at Spencer's Saturday afternoon. And we all picked strawberries. The kids loved it. We left with five quarts and are planning on making some homemade strawberry ice cream with our harvest:) We ran and laughed and got rained on and ate ice cream and celebrated our little friends birthday.That evening my dear friend showed up with some new clothes for P and a monster size box of popsicles for our crew. It still amazes me that so many people are thinking of us and praying for us and providing for us. After baths for some very dirty, hot stinky children they all fell asleep fast and so did Mom!

Sunday brought another busy day. The two new ones went to the church children's rooms for the first time for both services. They were a little apprehensive to go in but I helped them find something to play with and they did great! Our volunteers are so great at church and they did amazing!! It is huge that they are able to do that and a big relief to me so I don't have to miss service or volunteering with the kid's sunday school. A friend from church showed up with a bag of clothes for P and they are all so cute!!We enjoyed a cookout with lots of friends after church and my crew did really well. The last few times we've done that I've spent alot of time holding them and tripping over them holding onto my legs but not this time. They played and ran and splashed in the pool and really did great. They interacted well with the other kids and adults and I was actually able to enjoy some adult conversation! WAHOO.

That evening ,without naps, Trevor and I had a dinner meeting and so our new crew had their first time with a babysitter. I was thinking it might not go so great. The fact that our kids were going to be here with them and that is was at our house were the things we had going for us but the no nap thing and not really knowing the sitter that well made me a bit apprenhensive. Our sitter is awesome though and the kids did great!! She couldn't believe how well they did and neither could I. It was a late night to bed and they all were exhausted. We all fell into bed without baths....something had to give and a few stinky children never hurt anybody, right?! Safe Families is going to be camped out at the Shelter today hoping to catch mom and get some answers for us. I am trying to just focus on each moment today and not worry about what news we may or may not get. Easier said than done! Let week 3 begin!!

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